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10 Basics of Blogging SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The 10 basics of blogging SEO - As continuously guys and gals, if you have got the other tips please leave American state a comment and boost the fun. I completely love reading the large comment-essays that you just all tend to put in writing.

1. you would like your own domain and hosting

The first issue that beginners have to be compelled to recognize is that you just want your own domain and hosting. Free diary set ups don't do any favors for your SEO efforts.

Why is that?

Well many of us speculate that if you were extremely serious concerning your web site you'd get your own name and host it yourself. And Google solely desires to purpose to websites that area unit thought-about serious and trustworthy.

I recommend all new bloggers get their own domain and hosting setup right from the start. you'll scan a lot of concerning why in my diary hosting review that I did recently or look into my nine,000-word orient a way to begin a diary and dominate your niche. it's countless details and tips.

2. Solve issues with original content

You have to recollect that Google’s whole purpose is to produce their customers with relevant and helpful search results. Everything they are doing is constructed round the premise.

And, to be realistic, the most important thing you can do for your SEO is create massively useful content that solves people’s problems. If you are solving problems that people are searching for then it is likely that you are going to get shared on social media and ranked in Google.

The phrase “original content” means so much more than just blog posts nowadays. You should start expanding into:

Here’s a big guide to finding images for your blog that talks about why you need original images and photos and how to use them to your best advantage..
Make tutorials or do video posts with your webcam. This builds links and traffic from Youtube and does well on mobile devices.
iTunes is growing fast as people get better smart phones and spend more time plugged in. You can check out my podcast right here.
Tools and plugins
If you can develop an original tool and install it on your website you can be assured of top Google rankings for a long time. Google absolutely loves tools and helpful plugins that people can use in their lives.
The idea is to build a relationship with your readers by helping them out. This will mean more sharing and faster results on the SERPS (search engine rankings positions).

3. Build relevant backlinks in a natural way

If you are just getting started with SEO you might know a little about backlinks. A backlink is when another website links back to your site from their site.

Not all backlinks are created equal though. Some things to know:

Never buy them
I once heard about a guy who was the head SEO guy for an investment company. He bought some cheap backlinks on a domain name with millions of dollars and got the thing banned from Google. Never buy backlinks. Google is on to them.
The source matters
The blog that is giving you the backlinks makes a huge difference. If it's associate degree recent name with glorious rankings itself then the backlink counts for a lot of. One smart link from associate degree authority name (.edu and .gov ones area unit amazing) and your rankings modification quite many very little ones.
The anchor text matters
The anchor text is that the words that area unit used because the link. as an example, simply then I used “anchor text” because the anchor text. you wish this to be relevant to your targeted keywords.
As mentioned, the simplest thanks to build quality backlinks is to put in writing wonderful quality content then guest post on the simplest blogs in your niche. Here’s a blogging strategy that has worked well on behalf of me.

Remember, backlinks to your OWN content is additionally extremely vital. See what number links I actually have to my very own articles during this diary post? Those count too!

NOTE: victimization plain keywords as anchor text isn't any longer the suggested technique. There has to be a natural mixture of keywords in your links. scan a lot of concerning it all here.

4. certify your theme is SEO optimized

This is the subject of an entire series of posts thus I’ll keep it transient.

Think of SEO as having 2 components: the off-site stuff like social media and backlinks and therefore the on-site  stuff like optimizing your theme.

Optimizing your theme is vital as a result of it helps provide Google indicators that you just area unit a trustworthy website. It additionally helps Google realize your content. a number of the items you'll do include:

Mobile responsive
If your diary isn't mobile responsive you may be losing plenty of tourists as Google prioritizes mobile sites for individuals looking on smartphones.
Cleanly coded
Make sure your theme is coded to make sure it’s simply scan by those Google spiders that area unit wanting to ascertain whether or not you have got all the weather of a decent web site enclosed.
Fast loading
A fast loading site is good for user experience and thus good for Google. Make sure your theme is pulling its weight and loading quickly. You can check out its speed here. You can use cache plugins to help speed things up.
Some people disagree but I still reckon that my original themes do better than themes that thousands of other people are using. A newly developed and original site also comes with dozens of other benefits.
No broken bits
Make sure you clean up any broken links and make sure your navigation all works smoothly.
The best paid themes for SEO at the moment are those made over at Studiopress. Yep, Brian Clark again.

Having a well designed theme is also important for your brand. Separating yourself from the competition is a very important thing to do.

5. Fix your permalink structure

Permalinks are how people locate your blog and its internal posts and pages. They are made up of a root and an extension.

For example, on this post we have:

ROOT: blogtyrant.com/
EXTENSION: beginnger-blogging-seo/

Now, it is very important to have a good permalink structure. You can change this in WordPress by going SETTINGS > PERMALINKS and tweaking the options. The best option to have in there, in my opinion, is just the post name. So you should select CUSTOM STRUCTURE and then add /%postname%/

However, even better than that is to research what keywords you are trying to rank for and then shorten your URL to match those keywords. Take a look at this post and have a guess what key words I was trying to rank for.

Be warned! You don’t want to change the old permalinks because then any backlinks you have will be broken. simply new ones.

6. Install a sitemap

One of the best belongings you will do is install a Google Sitemap plugin that provides a full map of all of your posts, pages and archives. the foremost common one that individuals use is that this one and it appears to figure quite well.

This mechanically generates the sitemap for you at regular intervals then submits it to Google, Bing, etc. on your behalf. Its virtually giving them a map of your website in order that they will index it higher.

7. investigate different blogs

For an extended time my SEO strategy consisted of simply commenting on different authority blogs. Not solely will it get you a lot of traffic, exposure and new relationships, it additionally counts as a backlink.

Now, some blogs you'll leave target anchor text as a result of they aren’t real upset concerning user names. however on most blogs you would like to use your real name. That’s fine.

Try and use Market Samurai to ascertain wherever your competitors have gotten their backlinks from. you would possibly simply realize a bunch of them return from comments on well hierarchical  diary posts.

8. Build your social media profiles success

As i discussed in my post on SEO secrets you wish to currently have a giant specialise in social media for SEO functions likewise as traffic building functions.


Well as a result of Google is currently wanting to social media as a sign of associate degree article’s authority and connection.

If thousands of individuals area unit tweeting concerning it then likelihood is that you have got written one thing pretty smart. and therefore the best thanks to get tweets is to make a loyal following and write killer content that they simply like to promote for you.

Some belongings you have to be compelled to begin doing:

Tweeting massive players
Get to understand the large players in your niche by nonchalantly building a rapport with them on Twitter. Down the track you'll hit them up for re-tweets.
Add separate price
Tweet and Facebook data and facts that don’t seem on your diary. think about it as a separate resource for individuals to faucet in to.
Share others
The a lot of content you share from different bloggers the a lot of possible they're to share your stuff. provide then get later.
Neil Patel (one of my blogging heros) has simply written a extremely cool list concerning a way to use Twitter sort of a boss. that's a decent place to begin if you wish to essentially amp up your social activities.

NOTE: Google+ is currently a remarkable think about SEO rankings. Here may be a post I did with some vital Google+ tips to urge your started.

9. Use SEO plugins

There area unit countless WordPress plugins out there that you just will install to urge some facilitate along with your SEO. one amongst the simplest ones to begin with is that the beat One SEO Pack that will numerous of the nasty very little things for you.

There area unit plenty of different smart SEO plugins out there thus i believed i'd open this one up to the audience and see what everybody else is victimization. Please leave a comment and let American state recognize.

10. Read, study and use SEOmoz

As way as i'm involved absolutely the best resource for SEO connected material within the world is over at MOZ.

Now, the content on their diary may be slightly over your head {to begin|to begin} with however you may slowly start to soak up concepts concerning trends, techniques and best practices over time. notwithstanding you merely register each few weeks and skim one or 2 articles you may realize that your SEO information simply grows and blossoms.